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Workforce Identity Governance & Access Management Summit

(Virtual Event)

24 Februaruy 2022

1400 hours CET

In the post-COVID-19 era, Identity & Access Management will become more important than ever. As per the survey conducted by HID global, one third of respondents expect the future of work to be a hybrid arrangement of office, onsite and remote working. In order to facilitate working from anywhere, many businesses have already started migrating to cloud. However, sometimes users were over-provisioned during migration and more access than necessary was granted to users in many cases. Therefore, in order to maintain secure digital infrastructure in the post-COVID era, it is essential for businesses to withdraw or manage these unwanted privileges. To overcome such exposures and security challenges, implementing a combination of identity governance and privileged access management is an important next step. 

Implementing Workforce IAM framework within digital infrastructure of your business can help control and manage employee identities and access. It can also help in formulating policies across IT infrastructures to protect enterprises from unauthorized and potentially harmful security breaches. It allows employees to connect to internal systems and applications while keeping bad actors out. The solutions comprising an IAM technology include Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Lifecycle Management (provisioning, de-provisioning), Password Management, Compliance Management, and many more. By employing the principle of Privileged Access Management, Workforce Identity and Access Management technology give minimum access rights to employees that are needed to perform their job.

With Workforce Identity Governance & Access Management Summit, we aim to provide a platform to visionary leaders and innovative workforce IAM technology providers in order to discuss various challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of IAM solutions within Businesses. Join us in a one-day networking event and gain insight into various use cases of the workforce IAM technology, and how it can help accelerate the digital transformation journey of businesses.


Remote Access

Cloud Technology

Data Security

Hybrid Working

Business Continuity & Resilience

Biometric Authentication

Face Recognition

Employee Onboarding

Single Sign-On

Multi-Factor Authentication

Password Management

Digital transformation

Identity Governance & Administration

Identity Lifecycle Management 

Zero trust security

Cyber security

Identity-based security


Privileged access management

Enhancing Enterprise grade security with Identity Governance & Privileged Access Management

Automating Provisioning & De-provisioning with Identity Lifecycle Management

Setting up secure remote access to company data for employees using Cloud Technologies

Securing safe Employee Onboarding with strong ID verification technology

• Banks

• Financial Institutions

• Retail

• eCommerce

• IT & Software

• Consulting

• Automotive

• Marketing/Advertising

• Small & Medium Enterprises

• Cybersecurity

• Media

• Telecommunication

• Public Relations

• Healthcare & Life sciences

• Hospitality

• Government organizations

• NGOs

• Pharmaceutical


• Identity & Access Management

• Digital Identity

• Technology

• Innovation

• Digital Transformation

• Security

• Identity Lifecycle Management

• Access Governance

• Workforce Management

• Cloud Architect

• IT infrastructure Architect

• Workforce Policy

• Employee Experience

• Operations

Job Titles

Event will invite CXOs, VPs, Directors, Heads, and Managers of:

6+ Interactive Virtual Keynote Sessions

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250+ Key Industry Personal

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Identity & Access Governance CISO | Program Manager

Vikash Singh

Director Cloud Engineering & IAM

Nikolaos Ballas 

Global Head of Identity — Digital Platform

Rod Boothby

Nagesh Gummadivalli

Identity Governance and Risk Partner

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